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Common faults of turbochargers

The world famous turbocharger brands are the United States Garrett, the United Kingdom Holset, Germany BorgWarner, Japan Mitsubishi, Japan Ishikawa Island, the following introduces the common faults of turbochargers.
Fault characteristics and causes

(A) diesel engine exhaust smoke is not normal, exhaust black smoke (insufficient air intake)

(1) Part of the compressor flow path is contaminated

(2) Compressor leakage

Treatment method:

(1) Cleaning

(2) Check the sealing condition to eliminate air leakage

Fault characteristics and causes

(B) Abnormal sound and vibration

(1) compressor surge, supercharger vibration has a large amplitude

(2) Improper assembly

(3) The blade of the turbine impeller or compressor impeller is damaged by foreign matter entering

(4) Friction caused by turbine shell deformation

(5) There are foreign bodies in the vaneless vortex shell channel, and abnormal sounds can be heard when the diesel generator is idling

Treatment method:

(1) Cleaning

(2) Disassembly inspection

(3) Replace and check the intake and exhaust system of the diesel engine

(4) Find out the cause of deformation and exclude it

(5) Disassemble and check the section of the channel, and check the fault characteristics and causes of the diesel engine and exhaust system


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